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Vibrating Screen

Psted On 2018-02-06 14:48:48
Vibrating Screen

How To Control The Noise Of A Ykn Vibrating Screen

Analysis of noise source

1, Sieve Plate Noise

Under the conditions of load and load, the noise of the sieve plate will be produced. The main performance of the noise is vibration and noise, and the noise characteristics depend on its own quality and the way of installation. When the load is damped, the noise characteristics will change. At the same time, the amount of load will change the quality of the vibration, so that the noise radiation is more complex. In addition, the material is scrolling and bouncing on the screen, and the friction and impact will further produce noise.

2, Side Plate Noise

Side by a certain thickness of the steel plate, the sieve excitation frequency vibration in vibration, and high frequency vibration under stress, if the rotating frequency and harmonic frequency and natural frequency of the eccentric shaft side generated close to the resonance phenomenon, resulting in strong noise.

3, Vibrator Noise

The vibration spectrum test of the bearing and base of the vibrator found that the vibration of the bearing and base caused the noise of the vibrator. In addition, when the exciter eccentric block rotates inertial centrifugal force, bearing its vibration, while the vibration transmitted to the sieve plate, side plate and isolation spring, when the frequency and the components of a natural frequency is consistent with or close to produce resonance, thereby increasing the noise radiation.


4, vibration isolating spring noise

Vibration isolation spring is an important component of coupled vibrator and sieve, also known as the main vibration spring. At present, metal helical springs are commonly used in vibration isolation springs. Spring vibration noise radiation is divided into the following 2 situations: one is the spring local vibration noise, especially the surrounding parts (such as exciter) instigated the presence of irregular, when the driving frequency and the spring close to the natural frequency will be formed when the peak noise, the noise radiation is particularly significant; the other is a historic spring vibration or improper installation, the spring strength and load does not adapt, there will be jumping and collision, resulting in noise.

A Way To Reduce Noise

1. Change The Material Of Sieve Plate

At present, the steel sieve plate is generally used, its noise is large, and the wear resistance is weak. Because polyurethane or rubber has low elastic modulus and low impact noise, polyurethane sieve plates or rubber sieve plates can be used instead of steel sieve plates, so as to effectively suppress high-frequency vibration of sieve plates, reduce radiated noise of boards, and ultimately play a role of cushioning and noise reduction. In addition, routine inspection of sieve plate should be carried out regularly, and all components of YKN Vibrating Screen should be fastened in time, especially the sieve plates that need to be changed frequently, so as to avoid extra vibration due to loosening of individual components.

2. Improve The Structure Of Side Plate

In order to reduce the noise of the side plate, the flexible plate gear can be used instead of the steel gear. Because the gear ring and hub of a flexible gear can be integrated into one, rubber elastomers can be used to transmit torque, and then absorb the vibration caused by gear meshing and meshing, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing noise.

3. Improve The Structure Of The Vibrator

In order to reduce the noise of vibration exciter, the spacer ring between the bearing and the base vibration, the original steel connection into a flexible connection, can reduce the vibration of the bearing and the body, cut off the transmission high frequency vibration, which has its own damping effect, which can inhibit the generation of exciter noise at all the.

4. Improved Vibration Isolation Spring

First of all, the rubber spring can be used instead of the metal spiral spring on the YKN Vibrating Screen, because rubber is a kind of polymer elastic material, its elastic modulus is low, it can effectively reduce impact and reduce vibration energy, thereby reducing noise radiation. In addition, a horizontal plate is added to connect it to 2 Isolation springs. The single spring support is changed into two spring supports, and the purpose of isolation and buffering is achieved by increasing the contact area, so as to achieve the effect of noise reduction.


5. Change The Screen Structure Of Ykn Vibrating Screen

The single layer screen structure of YKN Vibrating Screen is changed to the upper and lower layer screen structure, and the opening rate of the YKN Vibrating Screen is changed at the same time, that is to say, increasing the opening rate of the upper sieve plate, reducing the opening rate of the screen mesh and accelerating the material flow, so that the vibration of the YKN Vibrating Screen can be reduced, and the noise can be reduced.

6. Adjust The Amplitude And Frequency Of The Ykn Vibrating Screen

Whether the amplitude and frequency of the YKN Vibrating Screen are suitable, determine whether the material can be screened effectively. When the acceleration is not enough, the fine particle material is easy to stick to the screen, which will reduce the screening efficiency and improve the noise radiation. Therefore, the appropriate amplitude and frequency should be adjusted to reduce the noise radiation.