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Stone Crushing Equipment

Psted On 2018-02-06 14:55:22
Stone Crushing Equipment

Cause Of The Wear Of The Liner Of The Basalt Artificial Stone Crushing Equipment

The Basalt Artificial Stone Crushing Equipment is one of the most important crushing equipment in the ore dressing equipment. Because of the advantages of good crushing effect, simple maintenance and so on, it is the first choice of crushing equipment in mine. The working principle of the Basalt Artificial Stone Crushing Equipment depends on the crushing movement of the moving jaw relative to the fixed jaw to break the ore, so the wear of the jaw is very fast in the process of use. The causes of the wear of the Basalt Artificial Stone Crushing Equipment liner are analyzed.

Analysis Of Crushing Force

The jaw of the Hubei and Hubei should be the tooth peak to the tooth valley. The broken Basalt Artificial Stone Crushing Equipment work process, most of the material for the irregular shape, is the point of contact with the material caused by extrusion broken, plus gravity continuous friction to a fixed jaw and a movable jaw plate, friction force and shear stress, the movable jaw plate in the fixed jaw plate to do reciprocating the swinging of the eccentric shaft, squeezing material to achieve the purpose of breaking down; due to friction, material on both sides along the liner sliding down the acceleration must be less than the acceleration of gravity, and bear the material into the shock and the grinding effect to the lining plate on both sides of the friction wear; and the movable jaw plate in the vertical direction there is a great degree of up and down movement, the relative sliding between the material and the jaw plate, making the lining under extrusion and the gravity of the material caused by the uneven surface of liner extrusion forming, and by cutting material The scratches formed by cutting. In this way, in addition to the crushing of the material, there is a shear stress in addition to the material, and the material is easily broken. In the process of using, we can solve specific problems according to the specific circumstances, prevent the aggravation of wear, loosening and breaking of jaw plates, and prolong the service life of the jaw plate, reduce the cost and improve the work efficiency.

Analysis Of Materials

If there is any debris in Basalt Artificial Stone Crushing Equipment lining, it will cause stress concentration. The edge of these inclusions is most likely to form cracks, thereby reducing the contact fatigue life of materials. The tissue state and internal defects of the liner material of the Basalt Artificial Stone Crushing Equipment have an important influence on the wear. It is beneficial to improve the rolling contact fatigue life that the microstructure of the microstructure is abrupt and uniform, and the carbides are spheroidal and evenly distributed.


When the state of the undissolved carbide is the same, the strength and toughness of the material in the martensite of the Basalt Artificial Stone Crushing Equipment can be better when the mass fraction of carbon in the martensite of the crusher is about 0.4%, 0.5%, and the contact fatigue life is high. The undissolved carbide is treated by proper heat treatment to make it tend to be small, uniform and small, and avoid the occurrence of coarse or banded carbides, which is conducive to eliminate fatigue cracks. Practice shows that the appropriate to reduce the liner surface roughness is an effective way to improve the anti fatigue ability of liner wear, surface roughness and the level of the contact surface under the plate lining stress, usually contact stress or lining surface hardness is high, the liner surface roughness for low.

Blockage Analysis

Broken in jaw type machine used in the process, especially in large crushing ratio, material blockage is relatively serious, difficult or cannot be broken broken materials. In this case, the moment of sliding material in the jaw plate extrusion increases, discharging a lining board surface line point is different from the row of ore force, the force is larger than the latter; blocking after we generally use blasting dredging method, this method is fast and easy, but to bring the lining board the internal organizational change is one of the reasons for increased liner wear, especially when lining material for inclusion under the condition of crushing force is huge, it is easy to cause fracture of lining plate phenomenon. At the same time, because of the wear and tear, the rodent angle is further increased, the clogging is more serious and a vicious cycle is formed.

Installation And Analysis Of Feeding Equipment


Basalt Artificial Stone Crushing Equipment is mainly responsible for crushing operation. Since it is broken, there is feeding equipment. The feeding equipment is closely interrelated with the crushing equipment. It is a top down process deployment, which completes the feeding and crushing operation together. Through the analysis of the installation and installation of the equipment, the installation angle and feeding distance of the feeding equipment are closely related to the fast wear of the crusher liner. When the feeding equipment for large angle feeding distance is high, feeding speed, buffer capacity decreased, once had large, gravity crushing cavity, liner plug number zenga overall wear area increases, wear and block; on the contrary, the angle, the feeding distance is too small, the feeding speed is reduced, an increase in buffer capacity, gravity the crushing chamber decreases, reducing the number of plug, liner wear area decreased, wear time shortened.

Analysis Of Fastening Mode

It has been proved by practice that the lining bolt plays the role of protecting the liner in operation. In production process, the force between material and liner is very large. Especially when continuous operation or crushing of materials with high hardness and large size, liner bolts are easy to be loosened by vibration force, so that the liner will slide down, fall off, break or wear.