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Cone Crusher

Psted On 2018-02-06 15:10:22
Cone Crusher

Cone Crusher liner

Cone Crusher production line is the decisive factor in the finished product. It determines the final quality attributes of the finished product. In the civil construction aggregate industry, Cone Crusher may not only become the bottleneck of production capacity of the production line, but also may be due to the size of the product around the finished product yield. Even lead to a serious deviate from the original design of the product line. In the crushing line of metal mines, excellent blood type Cone Crusher can obtain excellent crushed products with proper selection of cavity type, greatly increase the proportion of ore less than 8mm, and greatly reduce the production load of the ball mill. As we all know in the metal mines crushing industry, grinding energy consumption is broken 3 times, the pursuit of "more broken less mill" is the purpose of all broken production line construction.


CS series Cone Crusher adhering to the "more broken less mill" concept, the crushing process pushed to a new realm.

  • First, CS series Cone Crushers allow a maximum feed size of up to 560mm (coarse cavity type) with a minimum allowable discharge of 4mm. In the configuration of the premise of the appropriate cavity, the finished product can achieve 6-7.5mm particle content up to 80%. Broken in the metal mining industry has a high sense of energy saving;
  • Second: CLP constant crushing chamber technology. During the life of the liner, the crushing chamber remains constant. Thus ensuring the consistent quality of the product in the production process;
  • Third: a wide range of crushing chamber design to meet the civil construction aggregate any material, any grain of choice. The aggregate size of the particles approached the regular hexahedron, the residual crushing stress is small.
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  • Fourth: high-manganese alloy steel liner with a strict post-processing technology makes them from the beginning of a strong physique. Able to withstand the rigors of testing all known ores, even in the face of severe intergranular corrosion with high SiO₂ content of the ore remains unchanged.
  • Finally: Engineering and technical personnel throughout the year to provide users with thoughtful and appropriate consultation, training, on-site service, on-site guidance, remote troubleshooting and other services.